Diwali Best Wishes For All of You - Happy Diwali

we always pray to god for " Sukh Santi and Samridhi" and you know that on Diwali this wishes fulfill by God and Laxmi and Ganesha gods come at your home and gives to you , your all wishes.

So on this diwali makes with lights and sweets and remember that on this diwali no more use electric bulb , you should make a big light with diyas in your home , its make peace and prosperous light . Because this festival show the auspiciousness and prosperity.

We all of us pray to god for your good health makes years of years and you look like fit and fine each and every day. and you always smile in your life. Our all wishes for you on this Diwali - A very Happy Diwali


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Some Basics But Most of Important Health Tips for Make Become Fit & Fine of You

You know each and everything but you do not apply or use of these in your daily life routine. you are so busy in today life, but if you want to become a more healthy and you have a passion for your body to build it fit and fine then you should be care of it and give some times for yourself in your busy schedule. You should be think about yourself and gives some times to your family also. 

So In this blog i want to tell you some basics daily or every time to usable most of Important Health Tips for you, I think that if you apply these all in your lifestyle then i will say you that you will feel better in your life and you will become more healthy to apply these.

"So All of These Most of Important Health Tips for Make Become Fit & Fine of You"

1. You Should Be Wake-Up In Early Morning around 4 AM

2. You Should Be Take Fresh Water When You wake-up in Early Morning.

3. You should Be Take a Good and Healthy Heavy Breakfast and Some Fruits In Morning like as a King and Take Lunch some Light foods in noon and in night you should take very lightly dinner.

4. You should not drink more water after taking food.

5. You Should not to drink water in Sweat, and do not take more air to sitting in the shade of any tree, it's Produce chest Pain and make of cause for Create headaches.

6. if your work or profession for sitting then you should be go for daily walk in early morning and when you work  that time you should also take a small walk 5 to 10 mints in office time.

11. You Should never drink pickings water, it's the main reason to create cause for TB, cough and asthma , etc and more diseases arise.

12. You Should Be Avoid Fast and Junk food because these are main cause to create big fatty tummy.

13. you should be brush your teeth regular 3 times in a day, because our teeth are most of important part our body.

14. You should be drink milk if you want a good and healthy body. because milk is a super power food. its give the full energy of the body.

15. you should be avoid cold drinks and replace these with Lemon Water.

16. you must go for prayer of god each and every day, its more important health purpose also, its makes to you stress free life.

17. Stop to thinking more its make cause of depression.

18. You should go for sitting silence for some times like 10 to 20 mints in a day.

19. Stop to Hating someone and fight someone, make a friendly nature for everyone because love have more power, so create a love environment.

20. At last you should take a perfect sleep 10 am to 4 pm in night. sleeping perfectly very important for our body

I hope that these all health tips work for you to make a good healthy person, if you like and want to tell some one then share must this post , thank you.
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Make Vegetarian and Save Life of Birds and Animals

I am a vegetarian and i have never taken non-veg food in my life. because my family all members also vegetarian so nobody eat non-veg and they don't to say any body that eat non-veg.

i think that most of people like to eat non-veg today times but this is not good for all those birds and animals who are not speaks and tell someone that we want to live more don't kill us but here all of people don't understand the feeling of them and regularly eat non-veg because we just want to taste this is not right. and i say some of that guys who eat non-veg because someone said him that if you want to gain weight and you want to more fat in your body than you should eat non-veg this is not right if you want to gain weight then eat vegetarian food and i say that you must gain more weight compare to eat non-veg food.

I am always refer only veg food and always suggest my non-veg friends that they should not eat non-veg . because if you stop eat non veg then you save lives in in your whole life you make more lives to save and feel better and satisfaction of your life. Because these birds and animal same live as a human life but different is only that they can not not tell any body so stop eat non-veg food from today.

And for Health and fitness this is no need that you go to eat non vegetarian food because you do not aware that non veg food give some decease in body some one eat for taste and eat more or regular then more fat and stomach problems occurs and then go for operation. 
Here I make a birds and animals video how to behave more people in meat factories and killed them.

I request to all of you please make vegetarian, do not take any type of non- veg food , and save these all birds and animals.
Must Be Share On Social to Aware all Friends and Save Birds and Animal

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Do You Know The Benefits of Walking In Early Morning Daily

Why Should You Go For a Early Morning Walk 

Walking In Early Morning is good for health, if you want to save these three thing - Body, Mind and Wealth in your life then you should go regular morning walk 1 hour daily. and it is very important and necessary for our body. when you go regular walk In morning then your body feel to active in whole day and you feel better because when you walk in morning then nothing in your mind and your body fresh when a light cool air touch your skin. this is good for to make a very good mood and you do work in any where full energy and fresh mind.

And when your mood is good whole day then all health deceases go away your body and you can save more money in a year which spent on these harmful decease . so you can say bye bye of all ills. so you should go a long walk and running daily and you should suggest also other family member to go regular walk.

Now You Should Know All The Benefits of Walking in Early Morning 

1. Active Body & Freshness -- when you go a long walk in early morning then your blood circulation go to properly and your body feel more active to other days and the fresh cool air when touch you body skin then your body also feel more active and freshness.

2. Depression -- The most Important benefit of morning walk is that if you have depression or tension according to your age then this is good for you because this is very helpful for make it low , depression . because depression or tension blocked your mind memory and you go to depress or tense but when you go regular walk then your mind all blockage break and you feel free mind .

3. Good For Your Heart -- If your heart is strong and work properly then body must work and a morning walk is good for your heart. because it help to reduce high blood pressure and high cholesterol in your body and these both decease are very harmful for heart. so if you want to make your heart to more strong then you must be go for walk.

4. Helpful In Diabetes -- this is you know very well that take to control your food then this is helpful to diabetes but this is also true that if you go regular morning walk then also make a control on your diabetes.

5. Good In Bones and Joints Pain --
today everybody suffering of bones and joint pains because the life style is different to now and we don't work physically then our body bones and joints do nopt work , every body like to sitting job today. so a daily walk gives to your bones and joints moves and they work and when they work you feel better in the pain and you go for work actively.

6. Most Important Role For Weight Loss -- In the weight loss this is very beneficial , and i think that without walking or running you can not lose your fat or weight. and Today everyone who men or women all want to looking fit and fine, healthy. but they can not stop to take junk food. if you want to make your body active , energetic and non fatty body and you want to look awesome then i personally give you advise to go a long walk in morning, and if you can go a long running then this is gives you as you want a body and with it control on body weight. because when you running or walking then your burn more fat and when your body fat to control then your weight automatically control.

So now you know the all benefits of walking or running in morning. now you must to go for this after reading this and will maintain body. I will say all of you , that you should also suggest all members in your family for join morning walk.
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Throat Pain Problem or Tonsillitis Problem Occurs When Weather Change, Drink Regularly Water

In this Post I am discussing a throat pain problem , I am also suffering this Tonsillitis Problem, this problem such as very different and light painful, I feel that some food pieces stuff in my throat and some times feel a very light pain with this , i have consult with a doctor when i need more it . 

Doctor Consultation  of this Throat Pain problem or Tonsillitis Problem 

Discuss This Problem with My Doctor 
Yesterday , I have gone to checkup my near hospital and check in ENT . I have told all problems to Doctor  that i have some problem occur in my throat and my throat is doing a light pain and i feel that some food pieces in my throat and some time when i do pick in under throat then this main problem feel. i was taken this problem some seriously when a small junk piece come out to throat.
Doctor Consult Me - This is Tonsillitis and this is Nothing

Doctor said me this is not a serious problem this happen with weather change and anybody infected with this problem, and he said that you should not afraid with this problem and make out of this in your mind and ignored actually when you drink some cold water or freezer cold drink, juice, or to take water with food then some throat redness infection with your throat and then occurs tonsil's Suiling  or Swallow Tonsils , make small white spots on tonsils, this is called tonsillitis and your throat have a light pain.

Asked For Medicine

I asked to doctor for medicine , i tell the doctor that i have taken medicine but i have no relief, Doctor told me that actually medicine does not work in this problem. he told me that you should do some home care for it.

Home Care for Throat Pain Problem or Tonsillitis Problem

Here the doctor tell me the top ten home remedies for this throat pain problem or tonsillitis, and you can also take these if anyone infected it.

1. You should drink more Normal Water 4 to 5 lr. in a Day.

2. You should do Gargle with a salty warm water 5 to 7 times in a Day. This is most popular , a best home remedies and very effective in tonsillitis.

3. You should  not take ice cream , cold drinks or any think which is cold.
4.  You should get more rest .
5.  You should not more mentally think of this problem.
6. You  should not take water when you take food, after half  or one hour you should drink normal water.

7. You should take half spoon turmeric powder with one cup of milk to mix it , it is a very helpful in Tonsillitis Problem .

8.  You should also take Lemon water, It is always effective in throat infection - viral and bacterial.
9. You should stop smoking if you smoke , because this is very harmful ever 

And now I am following these home care tips as my doctor consult me for this throat pain problem or tonsillitis problem, and i have share all these because i think this problem effected anyone so , if anybody also suffer this type of problem then you should also follow these tips and get some relief.



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How Can You Become a Healthy , Good Looking Fit and Fine Human

What is the Importance of Health - A Healthy Person get success every field because he/she more confident to compare others. and a Healthy person always looking smart or attractive personality anywhere. When a person come in any party and his personality is mind blowing then that person very easily attract to you that side where he/she stand, every one want s to talk that person. so Health is very Important for every one on this world.

And this is very True - "Health is Your Real Wealth" because Main wealth policy is your good health if this is not you have then every thing go for waste.

And now Question is that how can get good health
Get a good health is not a very hard work this is very easy for you because this is in your hand, you can make it bad or good its depend only you.
For a Good Health the first this is most important that is your food, because good health come with a good food if you take a good healthy food regularly then your digestion system work properly and you get a good energy to do any work any where and you body get a good work experienced.

Second thing is that a regular Exercise if you take a good food this is not enough for body you should be setup in your mind that you live healthy every time and for it you must do every thing then you decide this then no one be stop to become get a good healthy body. so you should be wake up in early morning and drink a one Gillass water after that you must be go a regular walk, jogging or running and make some other exercise and this is very beneficial for every one because running or jogging the best part for lose weight and you find a fresh body.

Another Thing today time is that a good , clean or purifier water because if you drink un-pure water then this is directly hit your body and you will go under any illness. so drink a good water make a good health.

You take good food , Regular Exercise and Purifier water also but you didn't take a regular sleep in night then also you can not get a good heath , you must take a good sleep i think that 8 hours sleep  in one night because this is needy for everyone to get good health.

These Four Thing Very Beneficial to Get a Good Health and You Should be in your life style then you get a good healthy body and after some days you will see that your looks better to now.
 So "Keep Smiling Any time Anywhere" with a Good and Healthy Body.
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